Old SA rule set

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Old SA rule set

Postby Norseman » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:47 am

1) Spokane Airsoft History:

Spokane Airsoft was officially formed in 2003 by Wade Moss and Carl McKim, who also formed the first official Spokane Airsoft team, the Spokane Devil Dawgs. Our playfield was primarily the radar dome outside of Colville, Wa, with secondary skirmishes being held at the Moss ranch and a paintball field outside of Deer Park, Wa, and also Dragonwars paintball field outside of Colville, Wa. In 2005 Carl McKim got out of the USAF and went back home to Florida, leaving Wade Moss to proceed forward with SA. The first form of communication for SA members was the Spokane Airsoft Yahoo board. Carl McKim then developed the first Spokane Airsoft website, which has seen many changes over the past few years. We also moved our primary playfield to the DNR 9 mile property because of its close proximity to Spokane and then in 2006 adopted Camp Comia as our primary playfield. Team Cerberus was the next team to be adopted by Spokane Airsoft in 06, soon followed by OP4G. Later that year, the Knights of Odin, also was adopted into the Spokane Airsoft League. In 07 our newest addition is TF Delta, which brings the Spokane Airsoft League to five official teams.

2) Spokane Airsoft Mission Statement:

Spokane Airsoft is committed to promoting mil/sim and tac/sim airsoft play to the inland empire area, which includes eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana. It’s important that we constantly strive to educate the public and law enforcement on the sport of airsoft, and promote the sport in a safe and consensual manner. Spokane Airsoft will continue to push the boundaries of airsoft forever outward with new venues by working with private landowners and public land governed by federal and state agencies. We also are committed to helping our military, by using airsoft as a means of tactical training, so that their preparedness level remains high.

3) General SA Player Bylaws:

a) Spokane Airsoft is committed to military simulation or “mil/sim”, which means that we simulate combat by emulating many different military forces worldwide. While “impressions” can vary in degree of realism, SA requires that the bare minimum of any player participating in a SA event to be a military cover, blouse, pants and boots. (Hunting camo is not military issue) SA also reserves the right to block players from using airsoft replicas deemed “not appropriate” for promoting mil/sim. It is up to the player to make the replica conform to our views of what mil/sim means. (I.e. Painting your AEG all pink, with “hello kitty” stickers on it, is not mil/sim)

b) Under no circumstance is there to be “trash talking” between force sides. If a player has a problem with an opposing player, contact your immediate superior, who will contact the force CO, who will then contact an Admin. LET THE ADMIN’S DO THEIR JOB. The only omission to this rule is while in character. (I.E. “We will kill you……….GI!” or “Allah Akbar! Infidels die!”)

c) New and younger players are the next generation of airsoft. At no time is it acceptable to make fun of or ridicule a new player for not knowing our SOP’s or for not having good or proper gear. Building kits takes time, and as long as the new player is courteous and willing to learn, established players should be willing to help, both on and off the field.

d) It is up to each SA player to read and follow SA safety rules. And they do change! It is advised to read them every couple of months. If you do not understand a rule, then please ask an admin for clarification.

e) Any SA player can seek a resolution to a problem he has with another SA player, by introducing evidence and a charge to the council. The SA council will look at the evidence, and ultimately vote on the issue, and pass judgment.

4) SA Chain Of Command Bylaws:

a) As we are mil/sim, usually most OP's and skirmishes have a chain of command. The CO and XO (Commanding Officer and Executive Officer) billets are usually filled by SA team leaders, but not always. It is important for SA players to follow the orders given by command to the best of their ability. Otherwise airsoft OP's descend into an unorganized mess. And it should be with a sense of pride that a SA player receives orders and completes objectives! Medals are won that way!

b) It is up to the CO and XO to be at an OP early, and take charge of their men. It is also their responsibility to make sure they are compliant with all SA rules and registration requirements. During Admin briefings, it is the CO and XO's job to make sure their men are respectful, quiet and attentive to what is being said.

c) It is up to the CO and XO to make sure that radio freq's are assigned to their men that either the Admin's gave them or they have chosen for themselves. The Force CO owns that freq for that OP, and should deal swiftly with "hot mike" players or player’s not following RTO procedures.

d) It is up to the CO and XO to make sure that their men know the boundaries on the field.

e) It is up to the CO and XO to have a head count of their force and make sure that all are accounted for before leaving the field (instead of leaving a player on the field with a broken leg).

f) The Force CO is encouraged to break his force up into manageable blocks (platoons, squads and fire teams, depending on the OP size), and assign NCO' s to carry out their orders.

g) Administrators WILL hold CO's and XO's responsible for their players actions if found negligent of above by laws!

5) SA Administration Bylaws:

a) SA Administrators may require players to conform to a specific load out or gear restriction, that either matches a certain force to be portrayed, as well as a certain timeframe in history. (I.E. No red dot scopes mounted on rifles during a Nam OP.)

b) SA Administrators have the right to eject players from an event for a multitude of reasons. These include, unsafe conduct, unethical conduct, and the refusal to follow orders given by Admin, which may include game play or for not following the registration or chrono’ing process. These people are setting their playing time aside, for the betterment of our playing time, and they deserve our respect and compliance.

c) Spokane Airsoft Administrators and Team Leaders, govern the community as a council. If any SA player is found to be unsafe or unethical by his actions both on and off the airsoft field. He may face suspension, probation, punishment, or banishment from Spokane Airsoft.

d) Camp Comia is our home field, and Spokane Airsoft is a guest there. Treat the property with respect, respect skirmish boundaries and do not go into buildings that are not cleared for play. Pick up after yourself, and be mindful of others littering. (This also goes for ANY field; Spokane Airsoft is holding an event at.)

e) Treat the Camp Comia staff respectfully and follow orders given by them.

f) If claims are made by a player about prior military service within the SA community, and that claim is disputed. SA Administrators have the right to ask for your DD214 form to confirm that. If you cannot provide your DD214 form to confirm your MOS within the military, then the claim must be dropped, or the player may face sanction. This is to protect the integrity of Spokane Airsoft as well as the honor of our men and women in uniform.

6) SA Official Team Requirements:

a) So you have played airsoft for awhile and you and your buddies say to yourselves "Hey! Why not?" Trust me there are some things you need to ask yourself first. Do you like to put on OP's, and deal with all things administrative? Or would you rather just play? Would you want to be apart of a league and have to make tough decisions inside the council? Or would you rather stay out of politics and worry about all things airsoft?

b) Spokane Airsoft official team regulations require a:

CO (18+)
A team uniform
A team patch
8 player min.
Adhere to SA rules, bylaws and council rulings
Required to host skirmish events on assigned duty weekends at Camp Comia (6 per year).
And a probationary period of 6 months, with at least one SA skirmish ran by said team. (Which includes running the registration table, chrono station, writing and executing the OP, lunch details, and coordination with the landowner)

c) Each team is automatically allowed two team members within the council (CO and XO) who have league voting powers on all issues happening within Spokane Airsoft.

d) Established SA teams vote on each probation team's entrance into SA, and entrance CAN be blocked. (Although to date it has never happened).

e) SA official team members should always remember they are representing SA wherever they may go. SA has been around a fairly long time within the PacNW. We have built up a reputation of being honorable airsofters over the years with other airsoft communities and maintain relationships with them. SA doesn’t like receiving bad reports about a player's bad behavior, either on the airsoft field or in a forum, and that person will be required to give an explanation in their own defense!

f) SA official teams are required to follow the OP facilitation guide when putting on a SA OP, please ask for a copy!

g) It's of the utmost importance that SA teams support one another. We all have lives other than airsoft and this is understandable, but some form of representation of each official SA team should be at every SA OP.

7) SA Weapon Certifications:

a) SA certifications will be REQUIRED for specialty weapons that chrono over 400 fps. And will be broken into two separate classes, sniper rifles and support weapons.

b) The sniper certification will be received after going through an SA sniper qualification. Qualification dates are subject to scheduling. All SA rules are in affect, and the person going through the qualification is required to provide their own weapon.

c) The support weapon certification will be received after going through a support weapons qualification. Qualification dates are subject to scheduling. All SA rules are in affect, and the person going through the qualification is required to provide their own weapon.

d) Weapon requirements are as follows, sniper rifles can be either bolt action or semi auto. They must be represented somewhere by some Force worldwide (current or historical). Support weapons must be a 1:1 replica of a belt fed MG. (current or historical)

e) If you are in doubt about SA requirements concerning sniper rifles or support weapons PLEASE contact us first, before making that purchase, or upgrading your replica over 400 fps!


Spokane Airsoft is committed to military and tactical simulation. Weather it is a current probable world scenario, or a living history event. We do not look down upon recreational airsoft play, in fact we encourage it, as long as its done in a safe and consensual manner, but recreational airsoft is not the primary focus of Spokane Airsoft. In our minds airsoft is and always will be geared towards realism. As hardcore airsofter’s we seek the immersion level of actually being “there”, weather “there” is a steaming jungle in south East Asia, the cold arid mountains of Afghanistan or the LAPD doing a tactical entry on a barricaded subject. Our load out’s, weapons and tactics should forever strive to replicate the impression that we are attempting, weather friend or foe, in honor of those who have served before us or are currently serving now. In closing, Spokane Airsoft cannot do it alone; each and every one of us must strive to play airsoft by this ideal, which is the number one core philosophy within airsoft. It is what separates us from any other civilian action pursuit game on the planet. It is why we hold 1:1 replicas in our hands each time we go to an OP and others do not. We as airsofter’s should be very careful in never forgetting that; least our sport dissolves into something all together different, than what it was intended to be.
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