Nov 11-12 The ambush at the Monumental mine

Nov 11-12 The ambush at the Monumental mine

Postby Norseman » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:20 pm

This is a force on force event! Each month we will host a Cowboy Airsoft event!

The Copper Butte Gang has attacked and occupied the Monumental Mine, killing miners and stealing gold ore.

The Monumental Mining Co. has hired the Pinkertons to assist the local Sheriff and his posse to take back the mine, rescue any prisoners still alive and retrieve the stolen gold ore. The whereabouts of the Copper Butte gang hideout is presently unknown. Pinkerton agents are currently attempting to track the mule pack strings movements to ascertain the location of the camp and the gold ore cache.

A 500 dollar dead or alive reward is being offered for the wanted criminal "Deadeye Jack". Reportedly the leader of the Copper Butte Gang.

An all belligerents rendevous will be held saturday evening at the Rockin M hay loft/saloon. Gambling, drinking and a BBQ will kick off the evening festivities. Gun fight challenges will be taken out to the street.

Come join the rooten tooten shooten good time!!!
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