Roof of the World Adventuresim - The Pangboche Incident

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Roof of the World Adventuresim - The Pangboche Incident

Postby Norseman » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:24 am

Nepal - 1921

A British Expedition searching for a southern ascent route to Mt. Everest has been lost and feared dead. A religious relic has been stolen from the Pangboche Monastery around the same time. The relic is a presumed scalp of a Yeti. It’s theft has incited a uprising of the local Sherpa population. They claim the lost expedition had stolen the relic before leaving Pangboche and they are now being punished by the curse of the Yeti.......

Sir Miles Preston has been tasked with organizing a well armed rescue force to find and assist the lost expedition, quell the Sherpa uprising and bring everyone home alive. Only the tallest mountains in the world and the curse of the Yeti stand in his way!

Who-Spokane Devil Dogs
Where-Rockin M Ranch
When-Jan 27-28, 2018

Weapons allowed:

Bolt action rifles (modern rifles should be wrapped)
Lever action rifles
Single and double action revolvers
Broomstick Mauser
Pre WW2 weapons not listed allowed
Leave lasers and flashlights and modern sights off weapons.


British Expedition
White Camouflage
Green Wool, fleece
WW1-2 British wool uniform
Warm Hat, Boots and gloves

Sherpa tribesmen
White Camouflage
Non Green Wool or fleece
Warm Hat, Boots and gloves

Expedition extras:

Mountaineer googles, ice axes, lanterns, crampons, hemp rope, all things Nepal, all things old school mountain climbing.


Modern cots, sleeping bags, stoves, mattresses allowed! Warm barn loft provided for sleeping quarters. Wall tents with stoves will be provided on the field.
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Re: Roof of the World Adventuresim - The Pangboche Incident

Postby Norseman » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:01 am

A forward scouting party searching the mountains to the north of Pangboche has stumbled upon a smashed camera and was able to recover and develop the film. What’s on the film is just one lone photo and it’s bizarre. Further more above snow line at 19000 ft they discover a disconcerting trackway and what appears to be blood....... The leader of the scouting party, Reginald Turnbull send Sir Miles Preston a dispatch while enroute from Kathmandu to Pangboche.


Dear Miles,

I trust this dispatch finds you in good health and making progress to Pangboche. My party has made several discoveries that are very puzzling and the implications of them are as yet unknown.

First we found a smashed camera all by itself in a forested valley at about 14000 ft to the north of Pangboche. It had recently snowed and no tracks or other expedition possessions were found. We were able to develop the film and I’m forwarding a copy of the lone picture recovered. The picture is that of a dark eerie figure standing in the middle of a forested area looking at the camera. We do not know what to make of it. Maybe you have some ideas?

We then followed the neck of the valley up to a saddle on the ridge above at around 19000 ft and came upon a startling trackway and what appeared to be blood. The track is very large, five toed, and sinks deeper into the snow than our boots. We followed the trackway north until it dissappeared into snow drifts and was lost. With supplies running low we turned around and decided it would be best to report immediately via dispatch what we had discovered. We took several photos you will find I have included with the dispatch.

We are currently bivouac’d north of town with a friendly Sherpa family and have paid them handsomely in pounds sterling for our intrusion. Please make haste as tribal allegiance may outrace our depleting coffers.

Yours truly,



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